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Yamaha Power V Custom (1996) - Rims, new reinforced bearing edges - marble red

22”x16”, 8”x8”, 10”x10”, 12”x10”, 14”x12”, 15”x13”

Sonor Force 1007
new custom finish -- green sparkle (show set)

22”x16”, 10”x9”, 12”x10”, 14”x14” ST

18”x16” BD Pearl MMX (modified tom)
20”x16” BD Pearl BRX Studio, colour blue
20”x16” BD Basix birch, green sparkle (for show set)


12”x4” Royce totally customized, colour black

12”x4” Yamaha Stage Custom, colour black

13”x3” Pearl Maple, colour black

14”x5.5” Mapex Black Panther Steel, black nickel

12”x6” Gretsch Mark Schulman, natural
(registered with Obere Naturschutzbehörde Darmstadt)

13”x6” Gretsch Mark Schulman, natural
(registered with Obere Naturschutzbehörde Darmstadt)

© Nils Maier 2005 - 2018


Pearl - Racksystem, Cymbal-Holders/Stands, Snarestands

Gibraltar - Throne, Snarestands, HH-Holder, Cymbal-Holders & Drum Throne

DW - 5000 HH-Stand, 4002 Double-Pedal


REMO Ambassador White/Batter or REMO Emperor Clear for Toms, Snares always REMO Ambassador White, Powerstroke 3 for BDs (beaterside)

... I do like 20” bassdrums, indeed!

Playing got me more and more into small clubs.
The big stages were now for the youngbies with their 7-string bullshit, so we stepped down one level.

For this purpose and somehow really more “kick” but without any loss in volume (!) I changed to 20”.
The Pearl BD for example I got for small cash (that´s why I didn´t care for brands, etc.). And guess what?!? - it really kicks and is my favourite!

Never ever believe those lamers telling you “the deeper the shell the better and louder the sound” - that simply is not true!!! The deeper the shell the more overtones you get (with toms esp.) and the smaller the bassdrum in diameter the better anyone recognizes it in a room plus it really “kicks”.

Having been a sound engineer on so many occasions, even large gigs I know what you need to make the CD recogniseable - treble. Yes, smaller diameter means less bass but I bet without modern measuring equipment you might not be able to spot that, esp. not in the rehearsal room