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Have you ever wondered how bassics like Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Vic Wooten (although he does a lot more ...) and last but not least the master of speed and timing - MARK KING started slapping ?
Now here´s an introduction by Mark King himself (I hope he´s not disappointed by finding this MP3 here ... got to bring it up !) !!!
Listen to it, keep practising at least the first parts (before he starts jamming with the synths, that is ...) and you´ll see - it is first about technique - but then about grooving !
This mere piece brought me into slapping - back then it made a “click” and I knew how to do it ... just out of sudden up to now ...
Keep in mind : “ ... the left hand is as important as the right hand ... “ ... ;o)

KLICK ! - Mark King´s Slap Technique (MP3)

And - of course - some pieces I collected through the years with my collegues from music road.
These are not to be listened to as remarkable pieces of my music - clearly not - but show some fun moments and memories I like to listen to from time to time ... enjoy ...

KLICK ! - HURT - My Insight - rehearsal edit (MP3)

KLICK ! - HURT -  Your Room - rehearsal edit (MP3)

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KLICK ! - Syndicate - Amily - Live (MP3)

KLICK ! - XXX-Mas - Roxanne [uncommercial remake] (MP3)

KLICK ! - Santa Carlos - Live 1974 ... ;o) (MP3)