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*** NEWSFLASH I : ***
... rosewood and bubinga (amongst other species of wood) are protected under the CITES appendix II, effective 1st Jan 2017. I officially registered all of my instruments that feature those now endangered wood species and will refrain from buying instruments with such in the future. A note where necessary has been added to my lists.

*** NEWSFLASH II : ***
I now reside between Darmstadt and Mannheim so I may be looking into Mannheim for some music projects a little more. I am still gigging with DIRTY SANCHEZ, a variable acoustic project in the Darmstadt & Frankfurt region.

HURT, a band of which I was founding member in 1994 is now gone for good as Hubert (lead vocals, guitar, songwriting) has quit music for good.
However, the remaining members of the group are eager to find a new singer and start all over, once again. I am still part of this and maybe 2017 will show some progress, here.

*** NEWSFLASH IV : ***
No more musicians section.
For protection of the individuals keeping their private information disclosed I decided to remove the musicians section.

Maintenance takes a lot of time - whenever I find some time I will do that ...

This site will continue in the future so keep on visiting, please.

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